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Monday, January 26, 2015

Apple Clock - Day 26 of the #jan30in30 Challenge

Clock Apple a fluid acrylic on 5" X 5" deep cradle Aquabord

Apple Clock
Fluid Acrylic
5" X 5" X 2" Aquabord

I find the Steampunk trend interesting in the combination of mechanical parts with everyday objects. Sometimes animals are transformed to made of mechanical parts such as gears and pulleys and engines and sometimes clothing on figures has a mechanical component. Figuring out how to combine gears and pipes into an apple was a challenging experiment.  I was an electrical engineer before becoming a full time artist so I have some drafting skills, but I am not a mechanical engineer, so I am sure my clock would not function.  

I was determined to make the gears fit into the core of the apple and have a few elements that looked a bit like seeds.  It took quite a while working on a drawing while gallery sitting at a coop to which I belong. I played with a variety of angles on the apple and how much of the apple to "cut out" to provide a view to the clockworks and show the connection to the clock hands on the surface of the apple.  By adding the tick marks for each five minutes I was able to connect the extracted segment to the face of the clock.  A challenge, but very rewarding to come up with this design. I'm definitely going to have to try some more of these.

I'd love to hear what you think about this new endeavor.


  1. COOL Post! So different and FUN!!!
    I like the RED, too = )

    1. Thanks, Sue. This one had a stew about a week after I drew it for me to get up the nerve t0 paint such tiny gears. It would have been easier much larger.

  2. I love this idea, April. I'm fascinated by the steampunk art, too, for that same reason. It's like pieces of a puzzle that your mind has to fit together. Very ingenious, the way you used to tick marks to shape the face and make it fit with the apple! :) This daily challenge is making you stretch your thinking about what and how you make your art, I can tell, and I can tell you're excited about where it's leading!

    1. I have learned a lot during the challenge. I miss my larger work, but these are good for testing ideas. I'm so glad you like this piece. Your attention to detail in your paintings makes me proud that you approved of this painting.

  3. April,
    I'm not sure why I'm just seeing this today (the 29th) but I love it! It's inventive and quite wonderful!!!


I look forward to hearing from you. - April

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