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Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 9 of the 30 Day Challenge

Perception III by April M Rimpo

Day 9 brings the third panel of the quadriptych, Perception. One of the things I love about watercolor and fluid acrylic is the drips. When used to enhance a painting they can bring a whole new depth to the painting. I have used drips in several of my landscapes and in some portraits with great success.  The portrait, Woman with a Wrapped Hat, has received awards in national and local exhibitions.  Here are examples:
Using the drips in these abstracts has been more to create texture in the painting.  I think they help move the eye around the piece. Although Perception III has drips that run primarily in one direction, there are smaller drips that run in random directions since I didn't want the abstracts to be too linear.  However, I ended up adding colors to this underpainting that reinforced the linear direction of the drips which I didn't really want.  I went back and introduces swirls which significantly reduce the directionality of the painting which feels more harmonious to the concept of these paintings.  

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  1. Love the soft colors... ans the drips and swirls :) thanks for sharing the links to earlier paintings.

  2. Ahh, that is very interesting - and it works!

  3. Thinks one makes me imagine soaring and floating!

    1. I love hearing how these make you feel, Susan. "Soaring and floating" what a great response.


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