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Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge

Inspiration 2 by April M Rimpo
Day 2 of the challenge brings the next in series 1 for the first theme I'll be painting in the 30 day challenge.  I've designed six series based on my first theme. Here is hint 2 for the first series: Kadinsky might wonder if you are hearing a flute. Do you know why?

All of the paintings in the challenge with be 8" X 8" fluid acrylic on paper that has been gallery wrapped. After the acrylic varnish with UV protection has been applied they will be ready to find a new home. I love gallery wrapping my paper; it has a clean and modern look and requires no frame.

I thought you might like to see all the paintings completed as part of the 30 Day Challenge on the first day.  Go to our host's blog (Leslie Saeta) and review the Day One paintings. When I looked last night there were over 400 paintings and growing.


  1. OH! I love what you are doing with the fluid acrylics, April! These are so nice. How do you gallery wrap your paper? Interesting!

    1. My best post on gallery wrapping is "Running Up, a triptych on gallery wrapped paper". I refer to a couple posts by Ona Kingdon which provide more detail on her process. I have learned a bit more over time and should write a more detailed post on my lessons learned. Here's the link;postID=2040208332880029292;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=34;src=postname

    2. Thanks! It sounds very interesting!


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