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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

Inspiration III by April M Rimpo
Day 3 already.  So far staying on track has been easy, but I did spend a lot of time preparing for the 30 day challenge.

If you take some time to research the emotions of color you'll find several theories.  The title "Inspiration" is one emotion you might feel when seeing bright blue.  

Do you feel a sense of acceptance, expression, or trust? How about a sense of the supernatural? These are some of the emotions or feelings associated with bright blue.  Let me know if there has been a predominant emotion you have felt looking at my first three paintings of the challenge.  All opinions welcome, even the negative ones.  Tomorrow will be the last day of the Inspiration series.

To see all of my 30 Day Challenge paintings click here.


  1. I feel acceptance, yes, and inspiration. I don't know if it is me, but I also see elements of the human form, but it might just be that is something we tend to look for. They are lovely paintings and will look great displayed together!

    1. You will see them together in tomorrows post, which is the last of the series. You are not imagining the human form.

  2. Comfort. That fits with trust though right? I love the "lost" forms, very, dream like. You know, when you wake from a dream, and can't quite remember it, but you remember what you were feeling. :) Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Dream-like, hmmm, I like that. Thanks, Sheila.


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