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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge - Perception

 Perception IV finishes up the quadriptych, which is shown below  the image of the fourth panel.
Perception IV by April M Rimpo

When I first looked at Perception IV (above) I saw a triangle with a flag on top.  Not my goal, so like the Day 9 painting I added some "galaxy swirls" and the triangle seemed to receed into the background.  I am always fascinated how such a simple change can alter how some other part of the painting looks. I did nothing to actually mute or alter the triangular shape.  

I wonder how many other shapes people might see in these paintings. Taking another look at my own paintings, I now see musical notes on a staff in the middle bottom painting in the image below. What do you see?

Looking at the full composition below, you might notice that the panel above is oriented in a different direction compared to the complete Perception quadriptych. In fact the panel on the lower right was also rotated in the Day 9 post. I wanted to make the point that the individual abstracts can be hung in whatever orientation you like. You are not bound to hang them to form the figure in the forward lunge pose. I'm actually starting to think it might not be a bad idea to turn the panels in different directions when I paint them so I don't get too hung up on the figure.

Perception by April M Rimpo
Fluid Acrylic
composed of four 8" X 8" gallery wrapped and varnished paper panels
Dimensions as laid out above 17" X 25"

In an earlier post I mentioned combining poses to create a larger composition. Here is one example how the first three poses could be combined. This montage is called Beginnings.
Beginnings combines
Stability, and Perception by April M Rimpo


34" X 38"

Links to posts on each completed yoga pose:
  • Inspiration - Acceptance, expression, trust, supernatural 
  • Stability - Survival, self-sufficiency, stability, lively, and confident
  • Perception - Emotional and mental intelligence, intuition, psychic, and super-natural (Sun Salutation - Lunge)
  • Energy - Warm, personal power, self esteem, willfulness, and energy (Sun Salutation - Cobra pose)
  • Devotion - Clairvoyance, psychic senses, selflessness, devotion (Sun Salutation - Downward Facing Dog)
  • Awakening - Awaken, love, compassion, acceptance, trust, growth, renewal, and peaceful with inner strength (Sun Salutation - first and last pose)
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  1. Super and I think being able to turn the painting around and it still looking right, is the sign of a good composition.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sheila. The swirls seem to have accomplished that.

  3. I love the group. They work very well together. I am enjoying watching your work!

    1. Thank you, Doris. I've found getting to know so many artists' work is a wonderful benefit of this challenge.

  4. April,
    I am intrigued by your quadriptych concept. I love the galactic qualities.

    1. Intrigued, that sounds good. Thanks for the feedback.


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