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Friday, January 23, 2015

Awakening - Day 23 of the #jan30in30 Challenge

Awakening IV an 8" X 8" Fluid Acrylic by April M Rimpo
Here we are at the last day of my last yoga series. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have. On to different things tomorrow.

In addition to creating a montage of yoga poses, I have enjoyed this opportunity to explore abstract painting as well as working on my skill at drawing figures from different (foreshortened) angles. It has been a rewarding challenge.  I'm sure I'll be able to stretch my style in my more typical paintings by incorporating what I learned from this adventure.

Awakening quadriptych
The final quadriptych, Awakening, is shown at left. My favorite part of seeing the paintings brought together is to see how the figure appears, whether hidden and mystical or standing out boldly on a sea of stars. 

If you know the Sun Salutation, then you know there are 12 steps to this salute to the sun, eight of the poses are unique with four repeated once.  I chose six of the poses that to me captured the primary transitions. My intent was that if all six were displayed together they would be a tribute to the salutation as a whole.

My goal in combining several different poses in a single composition is to create a large presentation that holds together as one, yet helps accentuate the individual poses as well. On Day 10 I presented the first three poses together; today I show you the last three poses at the bottom of this post.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the combined presentations.

Awakening quadiptych
Fluid Acrylic

Composed of four 8" X 8" gallery wrapped and varnished paper panels

Dimensions as laid out about 35" X 18"

$625 with shipping within the United States

Available to Purchase Now

Links to posts with each completed yoga pose:
  • Inspiration - Acceptance, expression, trust, supernatural (Sun Salutation - Salute/Mountain)
  • Stability - Survival, self-sufficiency, stability, lively, and confident (Sun Salutation - Forward Bend)
  • Perception - Emotional and mental intelligence, intuition, psychic, and super-natural (Sun Salutation - Lunge)
  • Energy - Warm, personal power, self esteem, willfulness, and energy (Sun Salutation - Cobra pose)
  • Devotion - Clairvoyance, psychic senses, selflessness, devotion (Sun Salutation - Downward Facing Dog)
  • Awakening - Awaken, love, compassion, acceptance, trust, growth, renewal, and peaceful with inner strength (Sun Salutation - first and last pose)

Below is a combined display using the last three poses. 

The overall size of this three figure composition, titled Rejuvenation, is about 35" X 35"

Rejuvination combines Devotion, Energy, and Awakening by April M Rimpo
The value of Rejuvination is $1580


  1. I love them all together like this,both the quartette and the whole of Rejuvenation - absolutely wonderful and quite powerful, I feel.

    1. Thank you, Rolina. I'm happy with the result too.

  2. Replies
    1. When I put them together I knew my plan had worked. Thanks, Connie.


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