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Thursday, January 29, 2015

White Crane - Day 29 of the #jan30in30 Challenge

White Crane by April M Rimpo

White Crane is a rework of an older painting, originally titled "White Egret", but given its make-over I decided the new title was more appropriate, pun intended. My Apple Clock painting was so fun I decided to take a similar direction. Adding the gears, pistons, and paper wings were not the only changes.  While I was at it I added more pastel shades in the shadows and improved the contours of the bird. I think this make-over resulted in a better painting than I had before. If you ever feel you need to do something to improve a painting, don't be afraid to go way out of the box.

The image above shows the cropped painting after it has been gallery wrapped. The final painting will be 14" X 11" with a 1" gallery wrap depth.

White Crane
Fluid Acrylic and Watercolor
14" X 11" gallery wrapped and varnished paper

I have to thank Leslie Saeta again for holding this challenge since I might not have tried this had I not had 28 prior days of experimentation under my belt. Go to her blog to see the other paintings done by all the artists participating in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.  #jan30in30


  1. A very successful rework and very original!

    1. I have work in a gallery that also sells Steampunk jewelry. I thought I't try a couple steampunk paintings to see what happens. I actually like the Crane very much.

  2. This is so cool April. I like the name change, funny, and I love the colors against the start white. Fun!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. A little humor is good every now and then.


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