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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge - Inspiration

Inspiration IV by April M Rimpo
Inspiration IV is the last of the first series. I held off on this painting until last since I thought it might be the most obvious of what is going on in this series.

Are you beginning to see something more than just abstract patterns of color?

Well the suspense is over. Below you can see the paintings from Days 1 through 4 assembled into a quadriptych. I've done polyptychs (paintings which are divided into sections or panels) with a linear or rectangular layout before, but I wanted a more free layout for this figure series.  The offset of the top two paintings was not an accident, but intentional to add some emphasis to the posture of the figure.  Can you see her now?
Inspiration by April M Rimpo

You might wonder how I achieved the consistent colors scheme across the four images.  I started by taking a very large sheet of watercolor paper, about 44" X 40", wet the paper, and applied the colors using a pipette. I tipped the paper allowing the colors to move around the paper and blend. A spray bottle of water allowed me to add water when I wanted the paint to move in a particular direction.  The end result was a large sheet with the desired color scheme.  

I had created a template of the size paper I need to create an 8" X 8" gallery wrapped painting.  It had an opening in the center that I use as a window to look at different sections of the full sheet, compare the section with the figure placements (drawings were already done) and select the sections for the quadriptych.

Before the challenge started I gallery wrapped the paper and was ready to go.  Each day I had to add to the underpainting to make the figure appear, while at the same time making her not so obvious so each panel could stand alone as an abstract painting.  I've done this before and enjoy the effect.

I hope you like it too.  I've set this up so you can buy one of the panels or the full quadriptych.  If you want the full composition you might want to consider a quick purchase since as soon as one panel sells the full figure pose will no longer exist.

Just to let you know the other series in this figure theme have been designed so they can be combined in  a manner where you have two or more figures in different poses making a larger composition. More about the overarching theme encompassing these series in tomorrows post. Here are the names of the figure series I've designed.  I'll add links to each completed pose as they are completed.

  • Links to posts on each completed yoga pose:
    • Inspiration - Acceptance, expression, trust, supernatural (this post)
    • Stability - Survival, self-sufficiency, stability, lively, and confident
    • Perception - Emotional and mental intelligence, intuition, psychic, and supernatural
    • Energywarm, personal power, self esteem, willfulness, and energy (Sun Salutation - Cobra pose)
    • Devotion -Clairvoyance, psychic senses, selflessness, devotion (Sun Salutation - Downward Facing Dog)
    • Awakening  (coming soon)

Inspiration: Full Quadriptych
Fluid Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Paper
about 34" X 10" 
composed of (4) 8" X 8" X 1.5" deep panels $625 


  1. Looking forward to tomorrows post. These are so cool April!

  2. Oh wow, yes, they are fabulous together!

  3. It took me a while, but I see it now. I like how you planned out the whole compositions so accurately and artistically and how each panel speaks for itself and works brilliantly with the whole! ( I am ready to start the 3 x 5 fb challenge. Please email or PM me the details, ie: what do I say when I post or contact a potential participant - who started it, etc. Thanks!)

  4. Ah, the plan started to unfold here. The having each panel speak for itself was the hard part. I'll send you a message in Facebook.


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